Since 1920, Porky's has been the leading pork producer in Lebanon. Our farm is located in Sahel-Alma, 20 km north of Beirut where we raise pigs of different races and produce 60 percent of the Lebanese market. We work hard to provide quality products for consumers, while at the same time maintaining the highest standards when it comes to food safety, animal care and environmental protection.

Today, Porky's is the leading distributor of pork products, sausages and ham as well as fresh pork meat and live pigs, in the Lebanese market.

The farm
Located in the heart of Mount Lebanon, Sahel-Alma, our farm directly provides the consumers with fresh meat.

We follow rigid quality control standards and we feed the pigs fodder made up of natural corn, bran and soy beans, without any use of antibiotics or artificial growth stimulants.

We rear our pigs on-farm, from birth to slaughter, this ensure high-quality standards.

We provide the market with:
-live pigs
-fresh meat
-cured meat (sausages and ham)

The slaughter house
Our slaughterhouse is located in Jounieh, 15 km north of Beirut, where a licensed veterinarian inspects all the slaughtered pigs in order to guarantee the quality standards and hygienic conditions. Next, the samples are sent to a governmental laboratory in order to guarantee food safety, animal care and environmental protection standards.

The meat house (butchery)
We provide private clients, hotels, restaurants and other meat retailers with guaranteed and controlled products produced in our farm where we abide by strict environmental and hygiene standards. Our meat house is in Sahel-Alma where we sell a variety of products. We also provide our clients with delivery services.
Nothing but natural, organic fresh meat from pork to fork.